TrinintylogoAre you ready to get your Theological Degree Online?

How would you like to audit a Theology course with Professor Flowers?

Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is now offering online Theological courses taught by Professor Leighton Flowers and other like-minded instructors.  You can earn an Undergraduate, Masters or even get your Ph.D. through online webinar courses and personal one on one distance instruction. This is the future of education, because it is convenient, affordable and promotes a higher level of one on one instruction and accountability with the professor.

It is now possible for you to get a solid theological education at your own pace for a very affordable price. The educational demands and expectations are just as high as any seminary, but the schedule and pricing is flexible and manageable for anyone to pursue a higher theological education.  For more information on Trinity please visit this web site.

For discounted rates please use the promo code “FLOWERS” when you speak to a representative or sign up online.


A Few Of Trinity’s most Prominent Graduates:

  • Dr. B. Rick Curtis, West Region Mobilizer for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Dean Doster, former Executive Director of Louisiana Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Joel Southerland, Executive Director of Evangelism Strategy at North American Mission Board
  • Dr. Larry W. Jordan, President of Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary in Capital Heights, MD
  • Dr. Charlie Wilson, Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Crandall, TX. Former pastor of Sunnyvale First Baptist Church, Sunnyvale, TX, and Director of Church Evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Texas
  • Mr. Abraham M Payton Jr, Interim Director of Missions, Mile High Baptist Association, S.B.C., Denver, CO; Staff Pastor, First Baptist Church, Aurora, CO
  • Dr. Eddie Leopard, Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC
  • Dr. Kenneth Berding, Faculty, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
  • Dr. Larry D. Soderquist, Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School
  • Mr. Kim Hammer, Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Dr. Gil Stafford, former President of Grand Canyon University and baseball coach at GCU
  • Rev. Yaahn G. Hunter, Superintendent for COGIC
  • Dr. James L. Clark, President of Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO
  • Mr. Harry Samual Seamans, Bishop / Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Dr. Kevin Pat Parnell, Father of former Lt. Governor and Governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell
  • Dr. Mark Deckard, Faculty at Faith Theological Seminary & Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School
  • Dr. John D Fozard, President of Mid America Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dr. Tracy Marx, Faculty at Louisville Bible College, Louisville, KY
  • Dr. Mark Carroll, Professor of Youth Ministry at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Dr. Ronald J Kovack, President (ret.), Knox Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Ed Bulkley, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  • Dr. Bauta Motty, Provost, ECWA Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Daniel Chadwick, Professor, Taylor University Online
  • Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., Professor, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Dr. Mark Isaacs, Professor, UTS
  • Dr. John Noe, Author
  • Dr. David L. Owen, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Mr. Steven Stinnette, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Dr. Hun Sung Park, Faculty at International Reformed University and Seminary
  • Dr. Bryan Hughes, Faculty at Montana Bible College
  • Dr. J.D. Davis, Pastor, Dublin Baptist Church, Ohio
  • Dr. Steven Collins, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  • Dr. Danny Burnley, Pastor of Laurel Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. Former President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention
  • Mr. Stephen Goode, Pastor, Author, Host of The Biblical Counseling Moment podcast
  • Dr. Bruce Guckelberg, Pastor, Lombard Bible Church, Lombard, IL
  • Dr. Milad Z. Philipos, President, Arab-American Theological Association, San Francisco, California
  • Dr. Albert D. Spalding, Jr, Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • Dr. Stephen I Moldenhauer, Faculty at Shasta Bible College & Graduate School, Redding, CA
  • Dr. Lawrence Olufemi Obisakin, Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic; Pastor & Theology teacher at The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Benin Republic
  • Dr. Don Spitler, Professor of Speech and Communications, Pulaski Technical College, North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Dr. Gene Price, Professor, Bethel University, McKenzie, TN

6 thoughts on “Class

  1. Hey Leighton! I am currently enrolled in Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium. If I succeed this school year, I will get my bachelor’s degree. I am thinking of continuing to master’s but would it be useful to do this is an additional degree? Kind regards.


      1. Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to fill me in on all information! 🙂 I just heard about this in your “hopeless, helpless and hardened” (or something like that) podcast.


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